Tahoe Emergency Physicians and Barton hospital are dedicated to keeping our local and visiting skiers and snowboarders safe. We staff urgent care clinics at three  of Lake Tahoe’s most popular ski resorts. At each of these clinics we evaluate and treat patients who have been injured on the ski hill, as well as visitors of the resort who develop minor illnesses. Providing this service allows these patients to be treated immediately and likely avoid transportation to the emergency department. Each of the clinics are staffed with clerks, nurses, technicians, and an emergency physician. For our patients with orthopedic injuries, we have X-ray on site. This allows us to efficiently diagnose and treat broken bones and dislocated joints.

Clinics are open during regular ski resort hours throughout the ski season and are located at Heavenly Mountain Resort, Sierra-at-Tahoe and Kirkwood Resort.   

Heavenly Mountain Resort Medical Clinic  - 530.543.5575
(Located at the base of the Tram at the California Main Lodge)

Sierra-at-Tahoe Medical Clinic - 530.659.7434
(Located on the first floor of the Main Lodge, next to Ski Patrol)

Kirkwood Resort Medical Clinic  - 209.258.7236
(Located on the second floor of Red Cliffs Lodge)

Services at the Barton Ski Clinics include:

  •          Urgent care treatment of ski and snowboard injuries
  •          X-rays, IV Moderate Sedation
  •          Patient ground & airlift transport to hospitals & trauma centers
  •          Ski resort employee healthcare
  •          Ski resort employee workers comp injuries
clinic staff checking in patient at Sierra

clinic staff checking in patient at Sierra