Emergency Physician

Your doctor today is a Board Certified specialist in Emergency Medicine. They have completed 4 years of medical school, 3-4 years of dedicated training in the Emergency Medicine.

Registered Nurse (RN)

After Triage, you will be assigned a room and you will meet the nurse who will be attending to your needs during your stay.  They will monitor your vital signs, place IVs, administer medication, obtain specimens for testing. They will constantly be updating your physician about your status and needs. Our ED nurses are also specially trained to work in the ED with the most critical patients.

Triage Nurse

After checking in at reception you will be seen by the triage nurse. At all times there is a nurse dedicated to rapidly assessing critical conditions.  This helps us to have constantly updated assessment of evolving conditions so that someone with a heart attack is not kept waiting.

Charge Nurse

This veteran nurse oversees the whole emergency department. They Assist other nurses with patients who require intensive care. They make sure everything is moving forward.

Reception Clerk

This person will obtain initial information from you so that we may start preparing to treat you.  They will enter you into our electronic medical program and eventually collect your insurance information if you have it.  They assist in coordinating consultation with specialists, admission, or transfer to another facility.

Emergency Technician

This person is usually EMT or even paramedic who assists the nurses and physicians will procedures. They will perform EKGs, place splints, irrigate and clean wounds, fit and train you to use crutches. They assist the RNs and MDs in many other procedures

Respiratory Therapist

If you are here for a breathing emergency such as Asthma or COPD a respiratory therapist will administer nebulizers and other breathing treatments. They assist with sedation procedures and intubations when needed.

Radiology Technician

If you need an Xray or CT scan a radiology technician will bring you to the radiology suite or even bring the xray machine to you if needed.

Ultrasound Technician

Some conditions are best diagnosed using ultrasound, and our ultrasound technicians have excellent skills in this area.

Each member of the team wants to get to know you individually so that they can assist you in the best way possible.  You may get asked to same question by multiple care providers for this reason.

Multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary team